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Offering Hot 26 yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings

Hot 26 yoga offers a dynamic, empowering sequence, practiced in the heat that works every organ and every joint, it works you internally, externally, mentally, and physically.

I believe strongly in the healing benefits of this yoga series but have no affiliation with its founder. However, I am committed to carrying this healing practice forward with a new context of compassion.

Hot 26 Classes at Down Under Yoga!

I am thrilled to be a part of bringing Hot 26 yoga to the Down Under community!

Please join me every week!!

Monday 12pm – 60 min class NEWTON

Monday 5:45pm – 90 min class NEWTON

Wednesday – 12pm 60 min class NEWTON

Wednesday – 5:45pm 90 min class NEWTON

Saturday 12:15pm 90 min class NEWTON